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Closure of Morlais Public Inquiry

Transport and Works Act 1992 / Deddf Trafnidiaeth a Gwaith 1992
Application by / Cais gan: Graham Morley (Menter Mon)
Site Address / Cyfeiriad Safle: Morlais Demonstration Zone

The Inquiry has been closed by the Inspector on 24/03/21

The final core documents list can be found at:

3234121 Morlais Demonstartion Zone – Core Documents List – v13

Date set for the Morlais Public Inquiry

The Welsh Government Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has confirmed Tuesday 1st December 2020 as the start date for a public inquiry on the Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) application made by Menter Môn to develop the Morlais demonstration zone.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, it has been confirmed that this public inquiry will be held virtually on-line.

For more information please refer to the PINS website:


Energy Storage System commissioned on Gower

Our 1MWh Energy Storage System has been commissioned on Gower at Killan Farm. In light of Covid-19 social distancing, it has been commissioned using a remote G99 testing regime. Thanks to Western Power for enabling this.

Next step is to supply some local customers with Gower Power Solar Storage.


Morlais consent application submitted

Juno has supported the application for consent for the Morlais Tidal Energy Project including a Transport and Works Order Application and a Marine Licence Application.


The Project will provide a consented area for the installation and commercial demonstration of multiple arrays of tidal energy devices, to a maximum installed capacity of 240 Megawatts (MW). The Project will also provide communal infrastructure through the provision of electrical infrastructure, including substations and onshore electrical cable route to grid connection. The Project will provide the supporting electrical infrastructure to connect tidal energy converters (TECs) within the MDZ and export the electricity gaerial rspb reserve_v1_Junoenerated to grid.

Buy your electricity direct from Gower Power!

We are extremely excited to announce that our partner Gower Power Solar Storage CIC (GPSS) has now placed the order on a large Tesla battery system to deliver one of the UK’s first local energy storage and supply projects. The project will be located at the award winning Killan Farm solar farm in Swansea.

Local residents will be able to buy their power direct from the farm at Dunvant with the Gower Power tariff.

Juno has teamed up with Bristol Energy  who offer a high standard of customer service and reliability to community projects around the UK.  Bristol will facilitate the Gower Power energy supply via a ‘Gower Power’ tariff.

The storage project is scheduled to go live in November this year, but we will be offering the opportunity to switch from September.

The tariff will formally launch in November and will be made available to the first 300 customers who sign up. However, given everyone’s energy supply contracts don’t end on the same date, it will be possible to sign up in two different ways through our licensed energy supply partner Bristol Energy from September.

This project is supported by Welsh Government and ERDF funds through the Welsh European Funding Office.

Bridgend Electric Community Transport

Juno has undertaken a feasibility and scoping for a renewable energy power community electric vehicle project in rural Bridgend.

The project aims to develop a sustainable business case for a renewable energy powered community transport service to serve the rural wards around Porthcawl and linking to the new Health Centre in Newton. It aims to mitigate the impact of the proposed reductions in public transport funding on vulnerable people in the rural areas and also to maximise the use of renewable energy produced at Cenin Renewables Stormy Down where an existing charging point is located.

When operational, the scheme will support the local community, contribute to renewable energy targets and help raise awareness on climate change, energy use and energy efficiency amongst local residents.



Local Supply project funding announced

Juno is a partner on a ground breaking community energy project ‘Gower Power Solar Storage’ which was announced today by Wales’ incoming First Minister Mark Drakeford at an event in Cardiff celebrating the impact of EU funds in Wales.

The market leading scheme will supply electricity to up to 300 local consumers using smart meters. Situated at Wales’ first community owned solar farm in Swansea, this new storage scheme aims to create a replicable local community energy model, leading to a further roll out of larger scale schemes. If scaled up to its full commercial potential, it could be replicated in dozens of communities across the UK.

Speaking at an event in Cardiff to mark the progress and achievements of EU funds in Wales, Mark Drakeford, set to be Wales’ next First Minister said:

“We are committed to creating a sustainable low carbon energy economy in Wales. Our aim is to generate 70% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030. The renewable energy sector is playing a significant role in helping Wales achieve this target.

I’m so pleased to see EU funds being invested in innovative projects such as these which have the potential to be replicated in other areas of Wales.”


Planning permission secured for solar storage project

Juno has successfully obtained planning permission from Swansea Council for 4 x containerised energy storage containers.

This is the next crucial step in our innovative storage and local supply project supported by Welsh Government.

Morlais project funding success

Menter Môn, the manager of the Morlais tidal energy project, has been awarded £4.5 million of EU and Welsh government funds to further develop the scheme proposed off Anglesey in North Wales.

The funding was announced by the Welsh Economy Secretary, Ken Skates, who said it included £4.2 million of EU funds and a further £300,000 from the Welsh government to support preparatory and consent work for the zone.


Juno has assisted with project strategy and all aspects of the development leading to this successful funding application to WEFO.