The project was intended to provide electricity for the GSK Montrose site. This is a primary manufacturing and supply facility and a key provider of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for some of GSK’s most therapeutically and commercially important products.

The proposal was to develop a tidal array in the River South Esk Estuary. The array would be installed in 2 phases over a period of 14 months, eventually having a capacity of up to 0.7MW . The array comprises 15 tidal turbines with gravity foundations. These would transmit electricity to the shore with armoured cables where they are connected to a shore station. The power would then transmitted to the GSK Montrose site using a buried electrical cable. The offshore site would be marked by navigational markers and appropriate warning signs.

The team now at Juno supported this tidal project from project inception in 2010, through feasibility, surveys, EIA and consent application. We assisted  the client in securing a Crown Estate lease and have engaged with the project environmental and navigation stakeholders.

To complete this work, the team has led a multidisciplinary group to undertake environmental and engineering consultancy, production of the Environmental Statement, Lease and License applications, survey effort and technical design.