For each of the development projects we have assisted with supporting technical and environmental activities. These can be undertaken solely by the Juno team or in combination with our partners and range from simple tasks such as basic bathymetric surveys to complex computational flow models.

The central image above was produced from work undertaken with LCRI Marine at Swansea University. It is a CFD model of an array of turbines in-situ at a tidal site. Models such as this can be used to assess the affect of the devices on local flow and coastal processes.
Other images show vessels carrying out survey activities such as the installation and retrieval of ADCP equipment and underwater video survey with small Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV).

The bottom left image shows the trial installation of sonar monitoring equipment. This can be used in environmental baseline and subsequent surveys and could also be used as part of an automated safety shut down system for a tidal array.
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you and how we may be able to assist your project.