Local Supply project funding announced

Juno is a partner on a ground breaking community energy project ‘Gower Power Solar Storage’ which was announced today by Wales’ incoming First Minister Mark Drakeford at an event in Cardiff celebrating the impact of EU funds in Wales.

The market leading scheme will supply electricity to up to 300 local consumers using smart meters. Situated at Wales’ first community owned solar farm in Swansea, this new storage scheme aims to create a replicable local community energy model, leading to a further roll out of larger scale schemes. If scaled up to its full commercial potential, it could be replicated in dozens of communities across the UK.

Speaking at an event in Cardiff to mark the progress and achievements of EU funds in Wales, Mark Drakeford, set to be Wales’ next First Minister said:

“We are committed to creating a sustainable low carbon energy economy in Wales. Our aim is to generate 70% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030. The renewable energy sector is playing a significant role in helping Wales achieve this target.

I’m so pleased to see EU funds being invested in innovative projects such as these which have the potential to be replicated in other areas of Wales.”


Planning permission secured for solar storage project

Juno has successfully obtained planning permission from Swansea Council for 4 x containerised energy storage containers.

This is the next crucial step in our innovative storage and local supply project supported by Welsh Government.

Morlais project funding success

Menter Môn, the manager of the Morlais tidal energy project, has been awarded £4.5 million of EU and Welsh government funds to further develop the scheme proposed off Anglesey in North Wales.

The funding was announced by the Welsh Economy Secretary, Ken Skates, who said it included £4.2 million of EU funds and a further £300,000 from the Welsh government to support preparatory and consent work for the zone.


Juno has assisted with project strategy and all aspects of the development leading to this successful funding application to WEFO.

Community Energy Award Winners

Very happy to announce that on Wednesday 1st November we went to City Hall and received a prestigious national award for our community solar farm. Well done all!

Community Energy Awards

Juno has supported this project since its inception and continues to support GRL in their ongoing project with troubleshooting and acceptance with their troubled EPC supplier.

Cable route finding – Morlais

Juno used imaging technology to build a 3D digital model of the Holy Island coast for Menter Mon’s Morlais project. This can be used to help determine the best route ashore for the marine energy project cabling.

Explore below using your mouse.

Community energy supply

Juno is developing a unique community storage and supply model for renewable energy with partners in Wales. This could be the first scheme for residential and business customers in the UK.


Successful connection of 1MW solar farm for ROC deadline

The Killan Solar farm was connected in March 2017 prior to the final solar ROC subsidy deadline. Juno managed the contractors for the client, Gower Heritage Centre.

Procurement of Solar EPC

An EPC provider for the construction of a 1MW solar farm has been successfully procured on behalf of Gower Power Community Cooperative.

Successful completion of Morlais leasing round

Juno is pleased to be able to have supported Morlais in the completion of the first ever multi-technology leasing round for a tidal demonstration zone.


Strategy for Morlais leasing round

Juno took a leading role in the team that developed the strategy for the leasing of the Morlais Demo Zone. The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart said: “I welcome the progress being made by Morlais in encouraging and supporting this important sector of the Welsh economy. The Welsh Government is fully committed to seeing a thriving community of marine energy businesses operating off the coast of Wales and this is an important step forward in achieving that.”